; A Free ChatGpt Alternative By a Pakistani

Asad Shehzad’s website in Pakistan introduced ChatBABU, a free chatbot that functions similarly to ChatGPT. The ChatBABU incorporates a question-answer model that functions similarly to Bing Chat by providing references to the generated source and was trained on the most recent dataset.

The website also offers more than 30 AI tools to help non-native freelancers, writers, and content producers complete their tasks more quickly.

This website’s audio and speech-to-text paraphrasing capabilities, which let users upload audio and paraphrase text or speak in the editor and then paraphrase it for greater readability, are among its most intriguing features. The use of both of these features is free.

Eight different modes are available in the paraphrasing tool, all of which produce cutting-edge results. 20,000 characters can be changed with only one click in the “free rewriter” option, as opposed to Quillbot, a competitor, which only offers 125 words.

In addition, provides a wide range of tools to meet different purposes, such as tools for basic writing, tools for saving students, tools for blog wizardry, tools for freelancing, tools for copywriting, and tools for translation.