PayFast expands into the (MENA) through a joint venture with Twyla Technologies

PayFast, No.1 Digital Payment Gateway in Pakistan


PayFast, a group of companies, is delighted to collaborate with TWYLA Technology, situated in Qatar.

PayFast and TWYLA Technology have joined forces to form PAY2M, a fintech firm that will provide a suite of innovative online payment services to businesses in the MENA area, allowing them to effortlessly integrate and accept online and in-store digital payments. A dynamic E-commerce Payment Gateway, an E-wallet, and E-Invoice/Billing solutions are among them. Furthermore, the company is willing to support Soft POS through its cooperation with one of the world’s most well-known payment schemes, in order to increase creative digital payment acceptance for a variety of entities, particularly SMEs. PAY2M will begin operations in Qatar, which has a $4 billion E-commerce sector, before expanding into the lucrative MENA market, which has a $278 billion digital transaction volume.

PayFast’s industry knowledge, experience, and technical competence are reflected in this relationship. It’s a key step in PAY2regional M’s penetration journey, as the company just earned a state grant from its government for clearing the Qatar Development Bank (QDB) accelerator program. PAY2M has also received an in-principle license from Qatar Central Bank and completed the MVP for Payment Gateway Solutions successfully. As it approaches commercial acceptance, it is now headed to total sandboxing.

“This joint venture illustrates PayFast’s success as a regulated fintech and is a tribute to our company’s digital payment savvy,” said Mr. Adnan Ali, CEO of PayFast and COO and Co-founder of PAY2M. We’re looking forward to collaborating with TWYLA to help PAY2M become a dynamic payment solutions provider, advancing our own aim of putting Pakistan on the global fintech map.”

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