To approve transactions between you and your clients, you’ll need to use a payment gateway. It is required to run an e-commerce website. It is a service that allows your credit card issuer to handle all of your credit card transactions. Although its is quiet easy to integrate a payment method with your website but it requires maintenance. Additionally it saves your online business from fraud.

They play a large role in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry. Businesses seem to be faced with the challenge of finding the best payment gateway for their product or online service.

We provide a list of the best methods in Pakistan to help you list powerful payment partners.

  • Easypaisa
  • JazzCash
  • Safepay
  • Keenu Wallet
payment gateway in Pakistan

Payment Methods for E-commerce Pakistan



Easypaisa was Pakistan’s first online method for e-commerce Pakistan customers and merchants. Easypaisa has become Pakistan’s leading online payment system and to date, is making rapid progress in providing services to people without any problems or errors.

Easypaisa provides services that help people make money in other cities and send money to loved ones in other parts of the world have become fascinating. It took days or weeks for and did it in minutes. Easypaisa has expanded significantly in the e-commerce market and provides solutions to many large enterprises.


JazzCash provides a secure, flexible, and convenient payment solution for mobile applications or corporate websites. It is admired by both independent users and electrically connected businesses to receive consumer online payments.

JazzCash helps Pakistan’s novel electronic payment service entirely a whole country to use a convenient facility that goes to digital purchases from the Internet, payment accounts, or money transfers.



Safepay is another method with a variance. Safepay secure option provides users with a fast and uncomplicated method to accept payments. Safepay declares some of the elevated online transaction success rates and excellent user maintenance in Pakistan.

The main advantage of having Safepay is that you don’t need of email id or contact number, all you have to do is just click one link and enter the amount then transfer money.

Keenu Wallet

Keenu Wallet is simply a smartphone application that permits online shoppers to make transactions via their mobile phones. The simple user register method is to register with a cell phone number and deposit money online or by a bank. The main function of this e-wallet is to ease online payments for online purchases.

One of the cool Keenu Wallet features includes sending money to a friend’s account, asking for payments, paying utility bills, reloading your SIM card, and more.

Keenu Wallet


Looking for the finest payment gateway in Pakistan can be a daunting task, uniquely when there is tough competition between all payment gateways. E-commerce Pakistan provides an excellent platform to make the right choice at critical times for any business transaction. E-commerce has given us an idea of ​​what the ideal payment gateway would be.
Your option will hang on entirely to the environment of your transactions, market requirements, and many other scenarios.

It is mandatory that you choose the right payment method for your company as it is what’s going to take your company ahead. The market is flooded with many payment methods but you’ve got to choose which method is beneficial for your website.

In this current economy and digital era, payment gateway is the backbone of your E-commerce Solution.

How Payment Gateway Supports Your E-commerce Pakistan Website

When you integrate your website with the best payment method, you’ll see a drastic change in your website analytics.

  • Secure and Fast Transaction
  • Expand Customer Base
  • Easy Purchase
  • Convenience for Customers
  • Drastic Buying Growth

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