Payoneer has partnered with DirAction, Pakistan’s fastest growing chain of skill training centers.

Over the past decade, the rise of the freelance and e-commerce industries in Pakistan has given people the opportunity to support themselves and their families financially. Pakistan’s freelance industry has been ranked fourth in the world, with 3 million active freelancers, and the e-commerce industry has seen significant growth following the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to fully tap into the potential of these industries and the country’s digital economy, it is necessary to upskill the population. DirAction Pvt. Ltd., a skill-enhancement and investment company, is working to do just that, becoming the fastest-growing chain of skills training centers in the country in just one year. To address the gaps in the e-commerce and freelance industries, DirAction has partnered with Payoneer, an American financial services company with 21 global offices, to facilitate financial transactions for individuals and businesses in the digital commerce landscape.

“The e-commerce industry of Pakistan has risen from the ground-up despite facing challenges at the institutional level in terms of payments. However, to strengthen and flourish it, the leaders of the industry need to step up. DirAction has been taking great initiatives to turn this industry into an entire ecosystem. And that makes me and my entire team at Payoneer very excited to partner with DirAction,” said Mr. Mohsin Muzaffar (Country Manager, Payoneer).

This partnership aims to raise awareness about the importance of skills education and existing policies related to international payments and to bring together industry leaders from e-commerce, traditional business, and government to address current challenges and build a community on a single platform.

Sharing the vision behind the initiative, Mr. Nabeel Qadeer (CEO, DirAction) said, “The e-commerce industry of Pakistan has the potential to become the backbone of our economy but it can only be achieved if all the relevant stakeholders join hands for the bigger goal. Payments has been one of the major impediments faced by the e-commerce industry of the country. This is where Payoneer has contributed significantly by being a ray of hope for the youth. We, at DirAction, are equally excited to partner with Payoneer. Together, we’ll show what it means to serve the people of Pakistan by enabling them towards financial freedom.”

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