PPRA Initiates Drafting of Cloud-Centric Policy for Pakistan

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has taken a significant step towards implementing a cloud-first policy in Pakistan by drafting the Cloud Procurement Framework (CPF). This initiative, as reported by inside sources, has been instigated in collaboration with the Ministry of IT and Telecom, signifying the commencement of efforts to establish cloud infrastructure within the country.

The Cloud Procurement Framework is an essential component for the procurement of cloud services in Pakistan. During the initial drafting process, the PPRA has engaged in consultations with the Ministry of IT & Telecom, which has provided valuable input and suggestions.

Currently, the PPRA is in the process of soliciting feedback and engaging in consultations with other governmental bodies and stakeholders regarding the drafted framework. Upon the completion of these consultations, the draft will be submitted to the PPRA Board for official approval.

While the Sindh Cabinet has already approved the cloud-first policy, progress in other provinces, such as Punjab, has been sluggish, with the approval of the Cloud Policy pending in the Punjab Cabinet. The Sindh Investment and Facilitation Cell (SIFC) has directed the expedited development of the cloud framework, stressing the need for other provinces to swiftly approve the cloud-first policy to facilitate its prompt implementation.