Prime Minister stepping towards enabling digital Pakistan with the inauguration of the first E-commerce platform

The launch of an e-commerce portal named ‘National e-Tijarat Portal’ in Islamabad by Prime Minister Imran Khan is a positive step in developing the I.T sector and towards a Digital Pakistan.

As PM Imran Khan launched this first e-commerce platform, he announced a zero tax rate for freelancers in the I.T sector and assured the young entrepreneurs how the government has been determined to remove all barriers in the way of e-commerce Pakistan. PM also mentioned that digital Pakistan technologies hold great opportunities for Pakistani women.

The PM plans for the country’s IT exports to reach $50 billion in a few years with government support. However currently Pakistan’s technology exports crossed $2billion mark for the very first time in country’s history. The government’s plan is to boost country’s technology exports by offering more incentives to local companies.

According to PM’s special assistant on e-commerce Senator Aon Abbas Buppi, the government also aims a shift of 50,000 small and mid-size enterprises to digital platforms along with making 1 million youngsters financially independent.

Pakistan is the fourth fastest-growing freelance market on the global stage and the country’s e-commerce market is worth over $4 billion. ‘National e-Tijarat Portal’ aims to boost the economy enabling it to promote ‘Made in Pakistan’.

This e-commerce Pakistan portal is a motivating platform for empowering the youth with access to education and marketplace opportunities to use their digital skills in driving revenue growth, transforming their lives and aid bridge the country’s the trade deficit.