Providing an easy Means for Cost Estimation- Construction Calculator by Zameen. Com

Zameen is widely known as Pakistan’s largest real estate enterprise. It has always been in the public’s eyes for its efforts in revolutionizing the local property sector, making it familiar with the use of modern tools and technologies. Since the day of its launch, Zameen has always been working for the betterment and innovation in the property sector.

Recently, Zameen is in the news for launching a Construction Cost Calculator. This tool is extremely helpful; in the calculation of masses, utilizing Zameen’s in-house algorithms to calculate the number of materials used in the construction of a house or a building. It provides information about the latest applicable cost which can further be amended according to the particular bylaws of a housing society.

A prominent feature of the construction calculator is its easy accessibility to everyone on Zameen’s official website. All you need to do is to visit, select the calculator options, and input the details in the spaces provided and it will generate an accurate estimation of the cost according to your details.’s Director of products Mr.Usman Ali talked about the launch of this construction tool and said that its development aimed at providing users with a convenient tool to estimate the cost of construction of a house, a building, or any other project. This was a difficult task to accomplish and time-consuming in the past. He further added that the up-to-date information provided by the construction toll would make it even easy for the users.