PTA Awarded an LDI license to Zeta Technologies Making Progress in Pakistan’s Call And Internet Correspondence

Recently, it was reported that Zeta Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. received the prestige of being awarded a Long Distance and International (LDI) license at the license awarding ceremony by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This LDI license provides immense progress to Pakistan’s global connections. 

For issuance of the license, a company must have financial compliance with the telecom regulators. Zeta Technologies has received this honor after the strenuous hustle and the development of a firm professional foundation. From now onwards, by an LDI license, Zeta Technologies will handle all national and international telecom services.

The ceremony was attended by the CEO of Zeta Technologies Mr. Baleegh Afrid at PTA Headquarters. On this prestigious occasion, he said, “Getting this LDI license allows us to venture into other opportunities, including fiber deployment and landing station. Along the way, we will be able to create job opportunities for citizens of Pakistan in the current uncertain economic situation.”

He further added to his statement, “I would like to thank my entire team for their persistent efforts and hard work, which has helped us in acquiring the license”.