PTA directed by The State Bank of Pakistan to Ban Certain Live-Streaming Apps

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been commanded by The State Bank of Pakistan to ban some live-streaming apps due to the risk of increasing immorality in content and fluent the outflow of US dollars. According to the latest information, The State Bank of Pakistan earned against the outflow of excessive amounts of foreign exchange by some individuals over such social media platforms.

During an assessment of foreign exchange consumption, SBP observes that this outflow is mostly conducted through live-streaming social media platforms like Bigo Live, ico, StreamKar, and many more. Upon which SBP advised PTA and stated, “Block URLs and social media applications containing and promoting immoral, pornographic, and sexually explicit content and activities.”

The SBP further added that such social media platforms,s are being used for creating and sharing immoral content which needs to be banned. Moreover, these platforms are also being used for gambling through various in-app casinos and according to SBP’s estimation, more than $8.93 million has been sent out of the country over the past two years through these live-streaming apps.

Therefore, SBP considered it important to take serious action immediately against these platforms and directed PTA to review the content and ban the apps that are behind this immorality.