Punjab to Implement Artificial Intelligence for Electronic Media Oversight

In a move to modernize media oversight, the Director General Public Relations (DGPR) of Punjab, Rubina Afzal, has announced the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the monitoring of electronic media. This announcement came during her visit to the Directorate of Electronic Media and Publication (DEMP) and the Press Information Department’s (PID) Cyber Wing in Islamabad, where she reviewed the Central Monitoring Unit, Data Storage Centre, and the Electronic Media Dashboard.


Afzal emphasized the necessity of updating electronic media monitoring to align with current technological advancements and revealed plans to develop Punjab’s first cyber advertising policy. The initiative signifies Punjab’s commitment to innovating its governance and communication strategies by integrating AI into its media monitoring practices. 


This effort not only aims to enhance the effectiveness of media oversight but also sets a new standard for leveraging technology in governance across the region. The introduction of AI in media monitoring and the development of a cyber advertising policy underscore Punjab’s approach to navigating the challenges of digital communication in the contemporary era.