Raptr Games and Paymob Team Together to Provide Monetization for Game and Content Producers

To incorporate various payment methods and financial technology solutions, Paymob, one of the top financial services enablers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENA-P) has teamed with Raptr Games, a startup gaming platform with headquarters in Singapore.

The partnership would enable easy and real-time payments from viewers to their preferred broadcasters in addition to making it easier for local gaming content creators to monetize their streams. Additionally, Paymob will offer integrated reporting and settlement alternatives to increase the transparency and visibility of the gaming industry.

Raptr Games CEO and Founder Imran Khan elaborated, “At Raptr, we have been working passionately to bring Esports and new avenues for monetization for gamers and gaming content creators in Pakistan. Our latest offering is our cutting-edge streaming platform and payment mechanism made for the Pakistani gamer at Raptr.gg.”

He further added “By partnering with a renowned financial services provider like Paymob, we can ensure our users have the flexibility to send and receive payments seamlessly from creating gaming content- a feature that was unavailable to Pakistani gamers and viewers,”.

Raptr Games is a young gaming platform and game payments business with operations in Pakistan and Singapore. Raptr recently completed its pre-seed round, which was financed by domestic and foreign investors and targeted the expanding gaming sector in Pakistan and the surrounding area.

To make it simple for streamers and content producers to monetize their work, the firm that developed Raptr looked for a partner that could offer a seamless and dependable multi-channel payments experience for its users, making Paymob a perfect choice.

Country Manager Paymob Pakistan; Fawad Abdul Kader, stated, “We are excited to partner with Raptr Games and enter the e-sports and gaming space in Pakistan.”

Raptr Games will make it possible for broadcasters to withdraw their money via a variety of methods, such as debit cards and digital wallets. Hundreds of broadcasters have already registered for the streaming platform’s early access on their website and are eagerly awaiting its formal launch.

E-sports and gaming are popular pastimes among young people in Pakistan, where the market is worth $250 million a year.

Over the past few years, there have been numerous large-scale e-sports competitions, with professional gamers from Pakistan becoming world champions on several well-known platforms like Tekken, Valorant, DOTA, KOF, and many others.