3 Step Prescription to Ease Pakistani Retailers into E-commerce And Thrive

surprisingly fresh breath of air for small and big-scale businesses as they leaped into the world of e-commerce trends, A major section of the country’s business sector

May 17, 2022

A surprisingly fresh breath of air for small and big-scale businesses as they leaped into the world of e-commerce trends.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s most retail sales depended upon walk-in customers and wandering shoppers for browsing and purchases until Covid’19 came in with mandatory lockdowns hitting the citizens with just one option of online shopping. This entrance to the online world of retail wasn’t just a positive change; it was a generational shift.

A major section of the country’s business sector may have started their online journey but it’s still a long road for the remaining. Hence to help the business community with their leap into e-commerce we put a little research together to find out factors that make big difference in the digital transformation of businesses and business owners.

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Three Major Factors for E-commerce Trends

  1. A Credible Website
  2. A Customer-Centric Supply Chain
  3. Target Relevant Audience Throughout Purchase Journey


Retailers earlier were left with no option but to adapt to this new normal of digital presence but since e-commerce is more than just having your presence known a level-up means putting in a lot more effort. Focusing on these 3 major pointers will help retailers thrive in the e-commerce lane. Here is what they need to do:

Ensure a credible website: an e-commerce
The website needs to be three things; fast, informative, and accurate. No matter what you sell, your website needs to have enough information and accuracy to guide your online customers through it; the website is also needed to work in zero time to keep the constant interest of customers in what you sell.

Quick loading times, detailed product information, additional shopping recommendations, and an option showing the availability of goods puts your website in the best position amongst customers, good enough to be spread through word of mouth for efficiency and credibility.

Develop a supply chain that’s customer-centric
The high expectation of a digitally savvy community of consumers includes fast and timely deliveries the Google Trends data show a huge increase of 150% in search of “same-day delivery” and a 138% increase in the search for the “near me” term. Daraz is one of Pakistan’s leading e-commerce marketplaces has doubled its fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products in March of 2020 and the numbers are expected to go up more with time.

While this seems like the best chance, it also comes as a challenge for the country’s retailers struggle with. Here what retailers need to do is automate their inventory tracking system to automatically match their online and offline stock availability. Also to ensure timely deliveries working with multiple trusted logistics partners is always a good path.

Target Relevant Audience throughout Purchase Journey:
Statistics show approximately 81% of the 87 million connected consumer population of Pakistan research a product before purchasing that too extensively. 55% of this mentioned consumer population turn to Google search and YouTube.

All this research means the presence of tech-savvy consumers who know which businesses to turn to in their online shopping journey. To pass through this step of consumer research, retailers need to be informatively discoverable. They need to make their presence known among customers who actually need them through strong SEO and SMM practices.

When it comes to the transition of retail businesses stores into eCommerce businesses nothing comes through a straight path. A booming e-commerce business requires unpredictable changes, hard decisions and taking risks. But with most customers turning to online channels of business, embracing and learning the new way of business is a necessity and a fun path.

If you’re getting ready for the transition, start with an amazing website, make your presence known amongst the already existing clientele as well as potential future customers, lean on a customer-centric supply service strategy, and give out as much information as you can about your business and keep up with all the e-commerce trends to know what trends are in and what actually works. This will help you start in a good place.

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