Sadapay set to Charge for the Issuance of a Debit Card

Due to the challenging economic climate in the nation, SadaPay will no longer offer free debit cards to users.

The company stated in a news statement that “we realized we have to make certain concessions for us to maintain our service standards and to ensure that your experience remains fantastic.”

Because of this, our formerly free debit Mastercard will now cost Rs. 895 + tax as of April 3. It was the ad. It is important to note that there will be no ongoing or yearly fees; rather, there will be a one-time charge for the issuing of a SadaPay Mastercard debit card.

In addition, SadaPay noted that online purchases using its Mastercard virtual card will continue to be free. The organization explained that “We understand that many of you don’t use your physical card frequently, and wanted to make sure that you can still enjoy the rest of our services with ease.”