Salaam Family Takaful Limited Receives License as First Digital-Only Islamic Life Insurance Provider

Living up to its reputation for creating revolutionary solutions and taking unprecedented initiatives, Salaam Takaful Limited has launched Salaam Family Takaful Limited, the world’s first digital-only Islamic life insurance company. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) awarded the coveted license to Mr. Rizwan Hussain, MD and CEO of Salaam Family Takaful Limited, in the presence of the company’s Shariah board. Their endorsement signifies that the new organization’s operations and offerings are fully Shariah-compliant.


Salaam Family Takaful Limited will provide an end-to-end digital offering as per SECP guidelines. Mr. Hussain stated that the new brand will resonate with values of customer centricity and innovation, introducing a groundbreaking Islamic life insurance and savings offering never seen before. The company has developed a comprehensive infrastructure to support its digital operations, promising an exquisite digital experience for its products.


Company sources reveal that the products will be disruptive, with unique features and benefits for policyholders, leveraging technology and real-time information availability. Salaam Family Takaful Limited, a subsidiary of Salaam Takaful Limited—the largest general takaful operator in Pakistan—aims to bring the same success factors to the life insurance and family takaful market. More details on their innovative products are expected soon.