Sam Altman Clarifies OpenAI’s Upcoming Plans, Denies Rumors of a New Search Engine

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, has addressed recent speculation by confirming that the company is not developing a new search engine to compete with Google, nor are they planning to launch GPT-5 anytime soon. This clarification came after reports from Bloomberg and Reuters suggested an impending announcement from OpenAI about a Google-rivaling search engine. Instead, Altman hinted at a different kind of announcement scheduled for May 13, described as something that “feels like magic.”


The focus seems to be on an update involving ChatGPT and GPT-4, with potential improvements. Altman’s statements suggest that the new release could be the previously leaked GPT 4.5, which promises enhanced accuracy, speed, and scalability. It’s also expected to double the context window compared to GPT 4 Turbo. 


While the launch date for GPT 4.5 had been rumored for June, it’s unclear if this date has been moved up or if something else is planned for the announcement. Amidst this buzz, OpenAI has reportedly been recruiting Google staff, further fueling the intrigue around their upcoming projects.