Samsung’s 2024 Mobile Devices to Place Significant Emphasis on AI Resembling ChatGPT

Samsung’s strategic focus for 2024 involves prioritizing “super-gap technologies” to enhance its competitive edge. Co-CEOs and Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee and co-CEO and President Kyung Kye-hyun shared their New Year’s message, emphasizing a “customer-first” approach across mobile, home appliances, software, and chip-making divisions. Samsung aims to strengthen its market position by advancing technology and expanding the gap that separates it from competitors.


The company acknowledges the evolving technological landscape, foreseeing a future shaped by AI, sustainability, and “lifestyle innovation.” The latter, though not clearly defined, suggests Samsung’s commitment to pioneering approaches catering to changing consumer needs.


Generative AI integration into work processes is advocated to revolutionize work and device experiences. Samsung plans to shift from passive responses to actively drive innovation and efficiency.


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24, set to launch on January 17, is highlighted as the company’s first AI-centric phone. This release signifies Samsung’s initial step toward transformation through AI. Samsung’s resolutions for 2024 involve embracing emerging technologies, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and leveraging AI to drive innovation across its product lines.