A German Based IT Company Is Planning To Set Up A Software Development House In Pakistan

The German IT company SAP intends to establish a software development house in Pakistan with the goal of offering various capacity-building courses to thousands of Pakistani students.

Saquib Ahmad, the country managing director for SAP, revealed to a group of journalists that the company was working to secure regulatory approval to open a software development center in Pakistan.
He is confident that SAP will win clearance from several organizations by the end of the year, which is a crucial step in establishing the software development company intended to give students and professionals job chances by offering them training in in-demand fields.

Facebook, which established innovation labs at LUMs in 2019, and Google launched a Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan, a virtual program, designed to support emerging mobile-gaming enterprises to expand their offerings and grow their businesses. Various international social media and IT companies have established their educational units in Pakistan in recent years.

Leading Pakistani businesses in the public and private sectors are currently receiving digital solutions from SAP, helping them to grow more quickly. According to him, it has collaborated with top IT firms in Pakistan including Systems Limited, IBM, and Siemens to use SAP.

“From industries producing household products to automobile and energy industry, education networks, pharmaceuticals, textile hubs, SAP has proven to be the success factor in enabling them with expansion and efficiency towards meeting targets and widening the horizon.”

The list of clients for SAP Pakistan, he continued, ranges from conglomerates to Small and Medium Enterprises, and SAP is prepared to offer a specially designed solution to combine the needs and improve them for the desired vision.

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