Submarine Cable Fault Disrupts Internet Services in Pakistan Again

Internet services across several areas in Pakistan are currently disrupted due to a fault in the global submarine cable SMW4, one of the seven vital cables connecting the country to the international internet infrastructure. According to a spokesperson from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), this fault is likely to cause slower internet speeds during peak usage hours.


Efforts are being made by the international enterprise responsible for maintaining the SMW4 cable to identify the exact location and nature of the fault and perform the necessary repairs. The PTA spokesperson emphasized that the authority is actively monitoring the situation and working diligently to ensure that internet broadband services are restored as a priority. Meanwhile, users in the affected areas may continue to experience intermittent connectivity issues until the repairs are completed.


In related news, the PTA has also announced proposed investments and rebalancing efforts to strengthen Pakistan’s IT infrastructure. The government has allocated over Rs. 23 billion for 16 ongoing projects of the IT Ministry, highlighting the importance of robust and reliable internet services for the country’s digital future.