Telecommunications Industry Witnesses More Than 18% Expansion in Revenue for FY23

The telecom sector’s revenues surged to Rs. 1,518 billion over the past two years. As per records, during the fiscal year 2022-23, the telecom industry witnessed an 18.71% growth in revenue, reaching Rs. 824 billion. In contrast, in 2021-22, the telecom revenues stood at Rs. 694 billion.

The provided PTA report indicates that the telecom sector attracted a sum of US$276 million within the last two years. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) accounted for US$186 million, which then decreased to US$108 million in 2022-23. Over the span of 2021-23, the PTA’s contributions to the national exchequer amounted to Rs. 703.3 billion, out of which Rs. 189.9 billion flowed into the Federal Consolidated Fund (FCF) during the past 2 years.

Furthermore, during 2021-23, the PTA allocated Rs. 21.4 billion to the Universal Service Fund and Ignite National Fund. The telecom authority also contributed Rs. 458 billion in terms of telecom taxes and an additional Rs. 34 billion from taxes collected through PTA mobile registration (DIRBS) in the preceding two years.

According to the document, tele density witnessed a rise from 66.30% in 2017 to 81.03% in June 2023. Over the last five years, broadband penetration surged from 22.6% to 53.7%. The cumulative data usage experienced a significant upswing, soaring from 681 Petabytes in 2017 to an impressive 10,850 Petabytes by June 2023.