Tesla Will Collaborate With Pakistan’s NUST Formula E Team

Young students in the NUST university’s Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN) program aim to improve and create the world’s first electric racing vehicle. Tesla Inc., a multibillion-dollar manufacturer of electric vehicles, has joined FERN as a creative partner. Despite the fact that FERN has also attracted numerous other foreign partners, this is by far the program’s greatest success.

Pakistan was one of the six nations that participated in the Formula SAE Lincoln 2016 competition six years ago when a team of five undergraduate students from NUST created the nation’s first-ever Formula Electric Car. A total of 30 teams from 6 nations were permitted to enter the competition. The only team that could represent both Asia and Pakistan was FERN.

Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN) from Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC-NUST) has made significant progress by securing technical sponsorship from Tesla. one of the most valuable automotive brands, with its electric vehicles, solar energy, integrated renewable energy solutions, and other products, is quickening the global switch to sustainable energy.

Teams competing in Formula Student from all around the world are sponsored by Tesla. The first and only team from Pakistan to receive this honor is FERN. Along with providing technical support, Tesla will give FERN a 5000 euro discount on enepaq tinybms, ADI & TI, BMS chips, and development boards. One of the constituent colleges of NUST, Pakistan Navy Engineering College is home to the renowned Formula Student team FERN.

Since 2016, the group has been focusing on electric propulsion. It has had the distinct honor of competing in five Formula Student competitions on behalf of Pakistan and earning the country’s lone podium finish. The first team to work on driverless cars in Pakistan is FERN. The partnership with Tesla will undoubtedly help FERN reach greater milestones in the global automobile industry.

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