The American-based Satellite Service Provider; Starlink to Operate in Pakistan

Starlink, the satellite-based internet service provider, has not been approved by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). It has not granted Starlink its license to operate in Pakistan. According to various discussions caddied out in PTA’s quarters, it claimed that the security of data is not the only concern regarding Starlink’s operation in Pakistan.

The issues arising are the business model and technical arrangements that are still left to be properly addressed by the company. The regulators associated with PTA are constantly reaching out to the Starlink service providers to make sure that the operations of American-based service in Pakistan are approved with an applicable licensing regime to provide the users with the best quality service with the guarantee of security and protect the rights of service providers that already exist in the country.

According to PTA sources, the price of a Starlink device is expected to be around $700 along with the charges of monthly subscriptions which are about to be $100 for a 100Mbps internet connection package in Pakistan.
So, the total income including the device cost and the first month’s subscription will be around Rs. 200,000 with a subsequent monthly package of Rs. 28,000, and this amount is reported to be the highest in comparison to any optical fiber or fixed line operator in Pakistan.