The First Human-Robot Factory in the World to Begin Utilizing Workers in the Coming Year

Agility Robotics is in the final stages of constructing an advanced 70,000-square-foot facility in Salem, Oregon, designed for producing its humanoid robot, Digit. This cutting-edge facility, called “RoboFab,” is set to initiate operations later this year, with customer deliveries projected to start in 2024 and general market availability expected in 2025. In its inaugural year, Agility aims to manufacture “hundreds” of Digit units and plans to expand production thereafter.

Aindrea Campbell, Agility’s Chief Operating Officer, likened RoboFab to Henry Ford’s pioneering automobile factory, highlighting that this marks a pivotal moment in the robotics industry akin to the advent of the first automobile factory.

Digit, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing approximately 65 kg, is a bipedal robot equipped with claw-like gripper hands capable of carrying up to 16 kg. It features an innovative locomotion system with legs resembling a bird’s, providing notable advantages in mobility and object handling. Digit can autonomously recharge, potentially operating for 16 out of 24 hours, resembling the workload of two full-time shifts.

Initially, Digit will be deployed for tasks such as relocating boxes and totes within Agility’s manufacturing facility and those of its early clients. Agility also plans to expand Digit’s capabilities to include loading and unloading trucks in the future. The company is experimenting with integrating large language model AIs to enable Digit to autonomously respond to natural language verbal commands, enhancing its versatility and functionality.