The Journey From Fiction To Reality; METAVERSE

The technical universe has spread like fire over the past few years and technological advancements skyrocketed to a new high each passing day..

January 17, 2022

The technical universe has spread like fire over the past few years and technological advancements skyrocketed to a new high each passing day. While we thought worlds of imagination were limited to novels and movies we failed to notice technology taking advantage of the unapproachable imaginations, accepting them as challenges to make them real.


Let’s take a sizzling example in this context of the very ‘hot topic’ Meta-verse. This term was first coined by the author Neil Stephenson in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash” that came out in 1992. When Stephenson scribbled the term into his novel, he envisioned lifelike avatars interacting amongst the realistic 3D world of buildings and other virtual reality environment elements.


Ever since Neil’s novel has come out technical nerds have been inspired to work on it and multiple approaches were made in pursuit to construct a real existing meta-verse. Advancements were made towards the attainment of the exact virtual depiction of Neil’s envision that would incorporate both virtual and augmented realities with 3D holographic avatars, videos, and other interactive means enabling communication.


Another spark in the fire was the science fiction franchise ‘Ready for Player One’ by Ernest Cline. The first novel came out in 2011 followed by a film adaptation in 2018 and 2020 came with the second novel.


Based on the depiction of the year 2045 the fiction showed a world enveloped in an energy crisis and global warming showcasing the VR landscape, to be the only escape, functioning as a multiplayer online role-playing game and a virtual society named ‘the OASIS’, accessible through VR headset and wired gloves.

This all pushed ‘out of the box’ thinkers to reach the reality of these science fictions and these advancements resulted in the creation of inklings of the Meta-verse concept in form of online gaming universes such as PUBGFORTNITEMINECRAFTROBLOX, etc and VR worlds of different sorts all over the world.


In 2017, the VR company AltspaceVR was acquired by Microsoft to implement the features of metaverse into Microsoft Teams that included virtual avatars and meetings held in virtual reality.


In the year 2019, the very widely used social networking company Facebook’s CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg made an advancement towards the same concept by launching a social VR world named ‘Facebook Horizon’. As in 2021, Facebook was switched to the name Meta Platforms Mark Zuckerberg announced the company to be working on developing a metaverse.


According to Zuckerberg’s estimate, it could take about 5-10 years for Metaverse’s key features to pick up and join the mainstream. Meta also announced to be hiring 10,000 engineers to build the tools of Metaverse that upgrade the level of this new project by enabling the users to turn into creators and even build their own games using templates and scripts provided by Meta.


Metaverse technology has also been proposed to include applications that promote the improvement of work productivity, interactive learning environments, e-commerce, and even real estate. In ambition to encourage talented creators to join the new platform, Zuckerberg announced a $10 million creator fund through Meta.

The buzz around Metaverse along with crypto all around the globe has been loud; the world seems excited on the arrival. The discussions around this trend have been hyped in the streets of Pakistan too and this has led people to hypothesize Metaverse’s arrival in about 10 years since they say it takes the nation some time to catch up with the technology.


While it is still critical to say how fast Pakistanis will adopt Metaverse we can’t assume it to take that long given the whole ‘TIKTOK’ situation in Pakistan and how soon it became a sensation here. This means the brands, ecommerce merchants and the entirety of digital, technical community need to be well-verse on the phenomenon and alert on the updates.


Even though Metaverse is currently in the infancy stage, this ambitious mission of Zuckerberg and his relentless pursuits devoting such a number of employees and heavy sums of finance towards the success of it proves that bets are high that Metaverse will be more than just some passing oddball. It won’t be wrong to say the future is Metaverse.

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