The launch of Bazaar Industrial-an Online Raw Material Sourcing Platform for Manufacturers

Pakistan’s most prominent Business to Business commerce, fintech, and sourcing platform for about 5M+ businesses has recently launched its new Bazaar vertical, the Bazaar Industrial to provide an online material sourcing platform for manufacturers.

Ali Ilyas, the Managing Director of Bazaar’s newest vertical head, Bazaar Industrial, has excellence and expertise of more than 15 years in the field of chemical marketing and distribution shared his thoughts on the launch of Bazaar Industrial and said, “It’s been incredible to join this rocketship with its stellar employer brand, world-class technology stack, and significant capital base which will be a game changer in local raw material sourcing for customers and suppliers.”

The co-founder of Bazaar stated about the launch of Bazaar Industrial, “We are incredibly excited to take the impact and learnings from our retail business to solve similar challenges for the industrial segment that is a major driver of Pakistan’s economy. In Ali and the entire Bazaar Industrial team, we have deep expertise and stellar drive to establish a strong and growing business in this space.”