The Minister of Planning Creates a 15-Member National Task Force on AI

A 15-person National Task Force (NTF) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been established for the benefit of the nation’s national development by the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal.

Creating a 10-year roadmap for increased use of AI in the business, development, government, educational, and healthcare sectors is the main goal of the NTF. The NTF force will include officials from the public and business sectors as well as artificial intelligence specialists.

The Minister of Planning emphasized the significance of AI for advancement in the near future and said that it would bring about revolutionary changes in the areas of economy, governance, and education. The task force’s goal is to harness AI’s power for Pakistan’s development and growth while making sure that all societal sectors can profit from it.

According to Professor Iqbal, the government’s commitment to adopting AI and its potential to positively alter the economic landscape of the nation is demonstrated by the establishment of the NTF on AI. The PML-N administration established the National Centre for Artificial Intelligence in 2018. According to the Minister, Pakistan can enhance the lives of its inhabitants by investing in AI and opening up new chances for growth and development.

The minister emphasized the critical part AI plays in Pakistan’s economic development and progress. According to the minister, incorporating AI into our governance, healthcare, and educational systems has the potential to revolutionize these fields and lead to substantial advancement.

He made the point that AI can provide answers that were previously unreachable, from increasing learning experiences to personalizing medical treatments.