The Agriculture Slogan “Grow More – Export More”

The Pakistan agriculture business is finally getting the push it needs to enhance exports, as the widespread use of high-tech hybrid seeds in agriculture can help a lot in meeting an ambitious $35 billion export target with the slogan “Grow More-Export More.”

Shazad Ali Malik, Chairman of the Pakistan Hi Tech Seed Association [PHHSA], introduced this program. According to him, increasing the use of these high-tech hybrid seeds can raise agricultural productivity by 2 to 3 times. Our profit will be multiplied by the following practice.

The PHHSA has also promoted the phrase “Grow More – Export More.”

Farmers will be encouraged to sow hybrid seeds as a result of the use of tech hybrid seeds.

During his meeting with Governor Punjab Baligh Ur Rehman, Shahzad Ali Malik expressed gratitude on behalf of the Association for the exemption of Sales Tax on seeds.

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