Tijarat.com: An eBay-like Marketplace Set to Revolutionize Pakistani Internet Shopping

On Pakistan Day, March 23, 2023, a new online marketplace called Tijarat.com is scheduled to debut. With features including bidding on listings, fixed-price listings, a “Buy It Now” option, and a variety of marketplace opportunities, the platform provides an eBay-like unique buying and selling experience.

The opportunity for purchasers to place bids on ads is one of Tijarat’s most intriguing aspects. In contrast to other Pakistani online marketplaces, customers can make offers below the suggested retail value and haggle with sellers. This feature enables additional price freedom and may result in fantastic savings for customers.

Items with a set price can also be listed by sellers for conventional retail sales. Also, the “Buy It Now” option enables customers to buy goods right away for a predetermined fee.

A variety of products are listed on Tijarat’s market, including clothing, gadgets, collectibles, and more. Tijarat has a national presence and enables vendors to post their products for sale both domestically and abroad, making it a truly global marketplace.

Sellers can sell both brand-new and used goods, giving consumers a wide selection of options. Tijarat’s sophisticated feedback system enables buyers and sellers to rank and review one another following a transaction to create a trustworthy and dependable marketplace.

Tijarat offers resources and tools in the seller dashboard to help merchants efficiently manage their listings. These tools can be used by sellers to improve their listings and boost sales.

The Tijarat team stated, “We are excited to bring a new online marketplace to Pakistan that offers a unique and diverse buying and selling experience,”.

“With features such as bidding on listings and a robust feedback system, we aim to provide a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for our users.”