TikTok to Launch In-App Shopping Soon

Soon, TikTok will allow you to shop directly from the app, and at least in the US, the feature appears to be ready to go live. This week, the social media behemoth began testing the function that enables in-app purchases, and it is now making it available to users in the United States.

You will be able to shop directly from the TikTok app soon, and at least in the US, the function seems to be ready to launch. The social media juggernaut started testing the in-app purchase feature this week, and it is now making it available to users in the United States.

In-app shopping is now being tested in the US, according to Laura Perez, a TikTok spokesman, who did not offer any other information. Previously, the feature was only available in the UK, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian nations.

TikTok is currently inviting American companies to use the programme, and it will soon welcome retailers from other countries as well. For its live shopping function, TikTok is collaborating with brands, and it may debut before the end of this year during the Christmas season.

Since TikTok’s in-app shopping has been expanding to new areas of the world, it is likely that the function will ultimately arrive in Pakistan as well given the market’s enormous potential, just as it has in other nations.

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