Trade between China and Pakistan: Dedollarization of the RMB

According to Liao Longtai, General Manager (GM) of Hangeng Trade Company in Gwadar, “With the implementation of new financial currency arrangement by converting Chinese currency “RMB” directly into Pakistani rupee without using the US dollar, Chinese investors can save 0.5 million Pakistani rupees on every transaction of Rs. 10 million.”

He said, “the new mechanism has boosted our confidence and more investors will pour in to invest in Pakistan in general and Gwadar in particular”.

“In the previous financial system, Chinese traders and investors had to first convert RMB into the US dollar and then into the Pakistani rupee. Owing to the volatile value of the US dollar, exchange rate damage had to be borne out by Chinese traders that used to keep them upset. The new RMB-Rupee direct conversion mechanism has finally ended the loss for Chinese investors,” he added.

Recent News

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The global civilian drone market is projected to experience substantial growth, reaching an estimated value of $21.62 billion by 2027, nearly doubling from its 2023 figures. This surge in the market has created an increased demand for protection against unauthorized drone activities, including video recording and potential security threats such as industrial espionage.

Caretaker Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Dr. Umar Saif, distributed Rs. 825 million in cash prizes to 550 IT companies for their significant contributions to IT and IT-enabled services exports. Dr. Saif emphasized the importance of the IT industry in the country’s economy and highlighted the need for incentives and rewards.