Transferring Data Between Your Phone and Computer Is Now Simpler Thanks to Google

Google has released a Windows software that streamlines file sharing and combines Android’s “Nearby Sharing” feature. Users of the new tool will be able to seamlessly move files between the two operating systems with a minimal amount of clicking and tapping.

A few years back, Android included a feature called Nearby Share that enables local Wi-Fi file transfers while utilizing Bluetooth to quickly pair new devices. However, it has proven to be relatively challenging in actual applications, given the majority of people transmit files via the Internet.

Also, there haven’t been many opportunities for file sharing because the majority of consumers only own one Android device for personal useā€”their phone. But, many Android users also own Windows laptops, and this new app will likely make Nearby Sharing useful for many people for the first time.

The app is easy to use. Download the app from the Android website first, then click a few “next” buttons to proceed with the installation steps. A 64-bit Windows Computer (not an ARM) with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is required.

Once installed, you may quickly share files on Windows by dragging and dropping them or on Android by clicking the “share” icon and choosing “Nearby Sharing.” The software gives users the option to sign in, which allows transactions from you, your contacts, or everyone to be automatically accepted.

On the other hand, non-signed-in users must manually approve each transaction on both devices. Google claims that data may be moved between Android devices and Windows PCs in the form of photographs, movies, documents, audio files, and entire folders.

You might experience some problems using the app since it is still in testing. When it will be made available to the public is unknown.