Upcoming Feature in Google Chrome: AI-Powered Custom Theme Creation

Google is introducing a new feature in Chrome that allows users to create custom themes using AI. The feature, powered by Google’s Gemini AI model, enables users to personalize Chrome by selecting thematic categories such as landscapes or food and refining the theme based on style, mood, and color preferences. 

This represents a significant advancement in browser customization, enhancing the overall browsing experience. The AI-driven feature is exclusive to the Canary Build for now, with plans to transition to the Beta build before reaching the stable version in the coming months. 

The use of generative AI in Chrome showcases the growing influence of AI in digital life and demonstrates its potential in crafting personalized digital aesthetics. Additionally, other recent updates to Chrome include the ability to display memory consumption for each tab and the implementation of WebGPU for improved performance, security, and AI capabilities. The Android version is also undergoing fixes for scrolling issues to enhance the user experience on Android 14.