Virtual Cashier-Percy: A Disruptive yet Innovative and Technological startup

Another IT-powered start-up company- Percy emerges to be the need of North America and soon the other regions join in as well.

There is no harm in accepting how even though Covid’19 was a negative and struggling period for the entire world, it has done only good to the evolvement and innovation of the technology sector. The boost in technology and minimization of human contact led to many innovative startups coming forward with out-of-the-box business models.

Percy is an IT-enabled newly crafted company founded by Pakistani-Canadian finance graduate Ali Aqeel along with two co-founders from the Canadian restaurant ‘Freshi’. The thought started with Ali Aqeel thinking about what roles in restaurants could be replaced virtually to reduce human contact and cut the costs for the restaurant as well.

The company was designed for North and South American restaurants and modeled as an outsourcing restaurant cashier’s job with thoughts of cutting down costs for restaurant chains. What Percy does is takes over the cashier’s job by virtually taking orders in a restaurant and transferring those orders to the kitchen.

The founder-Ali Aqeel, first thought of basing the company in North America or Philipines because of how similar food cultures are in North and South America but after a short visit to Lahore, Pakistan the company was set up there and went into the trial phase. The two Canadian co-founders agreed to have a Pakistan base after the positive result from the trial base.

Percy came into operation with Freshi and with an article in ‘Toronto Star’ by a journalist who came into Freshi and witnessed the entire working- Percy caused an outcry as the one of its kind disruptive technological innovation took over the cashier’s job.

Percy currently works with 100 hired employees in Pakistan for foreign restaurant chains and soon will grow to 1000 employees with the growing popularity.

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