Webx and Paymob Collaborate to Launch Webx Pay, Which Simplifies Digital Payments for Pakistani Ecommerce Stores.

Webx collaborates with Paymob to launch Webx Pay, SiPakistani retailers may now look forward to online payment options that guarantee the industry’s lowest transaction prices and next-day fund clearance, among other benefits.

Webx Ecommerce, Pakistan’s top eCommerce platform for developing and running online businesses, has teamed with Paymob, the MENAP region’s leading omnichannel payments gateway, to introduce Webx Pay, a payment service that will easily integrate with Webx Ecommerce digital storefronts.

Increasing the Acceptance of Digital Payments in Pakistani Ecommerce Stores

Webx Pay, powered by Paymob, promises to drastically reduce merchant payment setup time by providing fast access to comprehensive payment services for processing payments via digital wallets, credit cards, or bank transfers. This collaboration allows online businesses to accept online payments immediately after launching their digital stores on Webx Ecommerce.

The traditional payment acceptance methods for Pakistani eCommerce merchants continue to be complicated, time-consuming, and heavily reliant on legacy financial infrastructure, with online businesses typically requiring 4 to 6 weeks to set up a merchant account in order to begin accepting online payments.

This one-of-a-kind solution benefits Pakistani eCommerce entrepreneurs with this cooperation, a first for the Pakistani eCommerce market, by enabling same-day creation of merchant accounts without the need for setup or recurring expenses. Furthermore, Webx Pay guarantees next-day fund clearance to assure continuity and facilitate cash flow for local firms.

“E-commerce is not the future anymore; it’s the present,” says Fasih Uddin, VP Product & Growth. “Webx envisions to make eCommerce accessible for all Pakistani businesses and individuals across various industries, enabling them to leverage simplified payment processing solutions as a strategic driver for growth. With the commerce dynamics across emerging markets changing rapidly, a strong and mature eCommerce ecosystem within Pakistan is inevitable to stay astride. Thanks to the versatile and one-of-a-kind payment dynamics being provided by Paymob, Webx Pay will be a step further in making e-payments simple and easy.”

Omer El-Gammal, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development at Paymob remarked, “We continually strive to offer best-in-class financial services in the markets we serve. This partnership will enable seamless onboarding of e-commerce merchants in Pakistan through the Paymob gateway. By empowering merchants to accept multiple payment options instantly, Webx Pay and Paymob will jointly serve to fuel e-commerce growth in Pakistan.”

Adding on what the launch of Webx Pay means for the Pakistani eCommerce ecosystem, Fasih commented: “Pakistani eCommerce has shown a growth of 300% in the last two years and conservative estimates predict that over the next 5 years the industry is due to grow at a trajectory six time faster than the current rate. We believe that the entrepreneurial talent and fervor within Pakistan will continue to play a significant and pivotal role in this rapid growth. Solutions like Webx Pay aim to harness the potential and facilitate the ambitions of such audiences, minimizing the go-to-market time for aspiring businesses, reducing the payment onboarding time from six weeks to just a few minutes.”

Webx is Pakistan’s only eCommerce platform with a fully integrated payment solution. It lets merchants accept and manage payments both online and in-store, while also offering a powerful suite of services to help them manage and build their eCommerce operations. Webx allows entrepreneurs to create an online store in less than 5 minutes and choose from a greater range of bespoke website designs that are fully integrated with social media and supported by logistics partnerships. Webx Pay is free of charge and is only available to Webx Ecommerce customers.

Paymob’s omnichannel payment infrastructure allows SMEs to take digital payments both online and in-store, while also improving their access to financial services. Paymob checkout, as an API integrator, acts as a gateway that sits on merchant websites to simplify payment capture. Paymob’s payment gateway in Egypt offers the most payment ways in the industry. Paymob businesses have access to mobile wallets, QR payments, bank card installment plans, and Buy-Now Pay-Later (BNPL) choices in addition to traditional bank cards, all of which serve to improve the volume of transactions and revenue.

Fawad Abdul Kader, Paymob’s Country Head in Pakistan said, “We are extremely excited to see the exponential growth of eCommerce in Pakistan. This partnership between Paymob and Webx will allow us to reach our goal of empowering SME and retail merchants across the country by offering them multiple methods of payment acceptance and growth through a single platform.”

The Pakistani startup sector has recently experienced a financing frenzy, with more than $350 million raised in the previous year alone. Add to that the fact that local small and medium-sized businesses have become more online savvy, and you have a varied market. These circumstances have created the ideal conditions for Webx Ecommerce to become one of the most in-demand eCommerce services in this region.