WhatsApp Launches In-App Shopping Featuring Card Payments and Additional Features

WhatsApp introduced online grocery shopping in select markets last year. Now, the platform is expanding its offerings with a comprehensive online shopping experience through a new feature called Flows.

Flows allows users to browse and purchase items online within the WhatsApp chat itself, covering a range of products from groceries to train tickets and more. This feature is particularly aimed at WhatsApp Business accounts, enabling them to present menus and forms for a seamless purchasing process.

In the coming weeks, WhatsApp plans to introduce Flows for businesses via its Business Platform, starting with an initial launch in India. Indian users will have the ability to add items to their cart and choose from various payment options, including UPI, debit cards, and credit cards. To ensure secure transactions, WhatsApp has partnered with Razorpay and PayU.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is developing a verification feature called “Meta Verified” to provide a trust badge to businesses proving their legitimacy. Verified businesses will enjoy benefits such as a customizable WhatsApp web page and multi-device support.

It’s important to highlight that the Meta Verified feature is currently in the testing phase and not yet available on the Business Platform. Its availability in countries like Pakistan remains uncertain, but if implemented, it would represent a significant advancement for WhatsApp and the online shopping landscape.