Why is Payment Gateway Unquestionably Important for Your Website?

How is it important? What are the payment gateways in Pakistan? I will discuss this further, first, let’s make

April 13, 2022

The present digital era of the world has boosted e-commerce business, the influence of technology, if on one hand, made everything easy so has increased the competition on other hand.  Running an online business, nowadays, is not as easy as it seems and under such a competitive period if you don’t have a convenient method for your online store then managing it would be quite complicated for you. How is it important? What are the payment gateways in Pakistan?

I will discuss this further, first, let’s make it more clear this: Before moving on, let me tell you a bit about payment gateway: It is software that acts as a middle man for the secure transfer of payment between buyers and sellers.  


Now you got this? This is how a payment gateway works and makes business easy for an e-commerce website. 


How Payment Gateways are Beneficial? 


The foremost advantage is, that it plays an immense role in growth of business by saving buyers from payment complications. It keeps the customers on the website by providing easy checkouts from the same website. And if you have a well maintained checkout page then it would be a plus point for your online business. 

As the world has recently survived a global pandemic (COVID). It has completely revolutionized the traditional shopping method, preference is now online shopping and digital payment instead of cash. Most people, nowadays, choose to shop while being at home. This enhances the need for secure payment gateways for e-commerce websites.

One crucial thing is, having a secured gateway lessens the chances of credit card frauds that are usually common in online businesses. 

With multiple gateways, you can expand your e-commerce business to foreign countries too. Setting up payment gateways is easy and does not require very high maintenance as well. So, you can have your business grow with low maintenance. 


List of Payment Gateways In Pakistan


E-commerce Pakistan had a great uplift in past years and we do have multiple payment gateways, some of the widely used are: 


Payoneer is among the best payment gateways in Pakistan as it allows users to send or receive money across borders like simple banks. With its services, the cash amount can be directly delivered to your local bank account. For international transfer, its service needs to be purchased which is worthwhile compared to its advantageous services. 


Easypaisa was the first great functioning mobile banking app of Pakistan that has made cash transfer easy. It is a kind of account in your hand, online transactions and cash management is reliable with this.


Ran by jazz, providing a kind of actual bank account integrated with jazz mobile numbers. It enables users to send money to bank accounts, CNIC, and other JazzCash accounts. It makes cash withdrawal easy and also provides 100% cashback. 


It is another mobile wallet Payment gateway in Pakistan that allows users to pay for third parties as well. You can also send gift cards or virtual cards to your loved ones and can also achieve multiple discounts by scanning QR codes at retails. 


Keenu wallet is a software application that makes transactions quick and payments secure and easy. It is totally free plus it surprises users with different discounts at a variety of retail outlets and provides cashbacks as well. 

These were some widely used payment gateways in Pakistan. If you have already launched or are planning to set up your online business then surely place some safe payment gateways, cash on delivery is no doubt functional but nowadays online payments have passed over COD.

You can make your business grow by adding quick and secure payment gateways as a convenience and good services traffic the website and make buyers your long-term customers.

For further information contact the e-commerce Pakistan team.

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