YouTube Premium & Music Now in Pakistan from Rs. 149

YouTube has recently introduced YouTube Premium in Pakistan, an exclusive subscription service that enhances the viewing experience by offering ad-free, offline, and background play options. Along with this, YouTube Music has been launched, a dedicated music streaming application where users can access their entire YouTube music library conveniently.

With YouTube Premium, subscribers can download videos directly to their devices for offline viewing. Additionally, opting for the Premium membership also grants access to YouTube Music Premium, enabling users to save their favorite music on local storage. The subscription plans for YouTube Premium start at Rs. 479, which includes membership to YouTube Music Premium.

For those looking to share the benefits, the Premium Family Plan is available at Rs. 899, allowing up to 5 additional members to use the Premium membership. Alternatively, YouTube Music Premium can be purchased separately for Rs. 299, and the Music Premium Family Plan starts at Rs. 479.

Students are not left out; eligible students can sign up for the Premium Student Plan at Rs. 329 and the Music Premium Student Plan at Rs. 149 on both web and Android platforms. To qualify, students must be enrolled in a higher education institution that is approved by the SheerID program, in locations where YouTube student discounts are offered.

For those considering a subscription, YouTube offers a special introductory offer of 1 month free for first-time buyers of YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. To access the services, users can download the YouTube Music app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.