Zong 4G Teams Up with BaKhabar Kisan to Boost Urban Farming and Agri-Tech in Pakistan

Zong 4G, a leading telecom organization in Pakistan, has joined forces with BaKhabar Kisan to promote urban farming and agri-tech in the country. The collaboration aims to facilitate effective communication between farmers and agricultural experts, enabling informed decision-making for enhanced yield and financial benefits.


BaKhabar Kisan serves as a comprehensive agricultural knowledge platform, offering expert guidance on weather conditions, crop and livestock advisory, modern agricultural practices, and disaster management. Through this partnership, Zong 4G seeks to contribute to the advancement of agri-tech in Pakistan.


Zong 4G users across the nation will now have seamless access to expert agricultural and livestock advisory services through BaKhabar Kisan’s call center and mobile app. Subscribers can dial the dedicated hotline, 8949, for all BaKhabar services, or subscribe to the service daily by dialing *8494# or through SMS on 8494, priced at Rs.2.5/- per day.


The services offered include personalized agricultural content tailored to specific needs, such as crop advisories based on crop calendars, lifecycles, and location. Livestock management guidance is also provided based on the breed of animals. Weather forecasting services are tailored to the precise location of each farm, ensuring accuracy.


Zong 4G users will benefit from an Interactive Voice Response system, an Agri-advisory call center, and access to a network within the agricultural partner ecosystem, connecting them with specialized agricultural resources and advice. The initiative is designed to boost productivity and efficiency for farmers and agricultural professionals by providing targeted support and information.