Meta Provides A Sneak Peek Of Forthcoming Generative AI Tools For Its Platforms

During an all-hands meeting, Meta executives showcased upcoming features for Instagram that would allow users to modify their photos using text prompts and create emoji stickers for messaging services.

This announcement provided the first concrete details on how the social media giant plans to make its generative AI tools available to its 3.8 billion monthly users. This move comes after competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat had already launched similar tools in their products.

While Meta has not yet released any consumer-facing generative AI products, it recently revealed that it was working with a select group of advertisers to test AI tools for generating image backgrounds and variations of written copy for ad campaigns.

The company has also been undergoing reorganization within its AI divisions and investing heavily in improving its infrastructure. Last year, Meta realized it lacked the necessary hardware and software capacity to support its AI product needs.

During the session, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed employees that advancements in generative AI over the past year have now enabled the company to integrate technology into all its products.

Apart from the consumer-facing tools, executives also announced Metamate, a productivity assistant for employees. Metamate can answer queries and perform tasks by leveraging information obtained from internal company systems.